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  1. 2/2/2022 Windows Server 2019 as Primary and Only DC. Kaspersky Small Office Security (h) OH MY GAWD!!!! Got a call from the client stating their QB would no longer update. I logged into the serer and neither IE nor Chrome would browse ANY site. After HOURS and HOURS, I determined it was Kaspersky. Apparently some recent update. My ONLY solution was to turn off Web Antivirus, and Network Attack Blocker, AMSI, Mail, and System Watcher. That was the ONLY way to be able to browse, and allow QB to update. I had to turn off mail, as that was blocking local access to my local WatchGuard firewall for the facility. WTF did Kaspersky do that somehow this is ok, and now i had to scrap half of my AV’s protection just to be able to access my firewall???? This post in primarily in the hopes it will “help” yes I use that term loosely, another, and scondly in thehope I will get some advice about some specific settings that will allow me to turn my AV’s protection back on. Thanks JW
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