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  1. The first post in this forum topic was on June 22nd, today June 29th, no solution from support yet. I format my PC 4 times until finally notice that total security was the issue, after uninstalling it asus services started to work. However my PC has been without protection all these days, and unfortunately I paid 5 years in advance the total security so I have to wait their solution. Im sure that once my license expires I will find another antivirus solution, really disapointed, not for the issue but for the lack of interst from support.
  2. Hi Danila, Can you let us know when the bug has been fixed so we can proceed installing total security again, Thanks
  3. I have the same issue, has been driving me crazy for the last week, I have win 11 PRO and armoury crate was not working properly. I uninstall Kaspersky total security and armoury crate is working fine. We need an urgent solution, Thanks
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