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  1. Thank you @Berny for the information.๐Ÿ‘ Best regards.
  2. Thanks for the feedback @Flood and Flood's wife. I still have close to 200 days left on the KIS 21.3 license. It's waiting.๐Ÿ™‚ Good day for you and family.๐Ÿ‘ JP
  3. Ok @Flood and Flood's wife , thanks for your constant attention.๐Ÿ™‚ At the moment it has not yet arrived in Portugal (from what I suppose).๐Ÿ˜ Do you happen to know when this plan arrives in my country?
  4. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife: I informed myself via chat with support, although the new line has not yet arrived in my country and the information was as follows: "Yes, registration is done with your email, but it's okay to use someone else's credit card"
  5. So I pose the following question: I want to buy the new product. The problem is that I don't have a credit card. I'm considering asking a friend or family member for help with a credit card. I see that Kaspersky is making it difficult to acquire the new product with this new method. How should I do? Do I enter the billing details with my data or those of the person who has the credit card and will it help me? And the email, does it have to be mine to access the My Kaspersky account?
  6. Hello @nexon I apologize very much for my stubbornness. Thank you for the warning.
  7. Hello @Wesly.Zhang Yes it is already resolved. Thank you for your attention.
  8. Sorry for the inconvenience. It has already been updated to 13:59 (CET-1). Best Regards.
  9. Good Day. I already contacted technical support and no one helped me, they said they didn't have that information. Although this is known to happen, this is the first time for me that this big delay in the distribution time of the database and the local time (CET-1) has happened. Any colleague in the community can let me know if he is in the same situation as me or not. I use KIS 21.3 (j) Thank you very much for any clarification. JP
  10. Good Day Everything returned to normal. I had to reinstall the application, because it gave an error when starting due to a failure of the same.
  11. Good Day. Since yesterday I have noticed that when I update the database, in the reports about the update of the same, it appears as in this case that I illustrate here a time much before the time of distribution of the database. I attached the report image and the database distribution date image. It has now become normal for the release date (in the update report) to be much earlier than the database distribution date. Now it is normal or is it something that is happening with my KIS 21.3. ?
  12. Hello again @Flood and Flood's wife I have bad news: I lost all data, as I had to reinstall Windows (due to a series of problems where the computer would not start). So I had to reinstall KIS from scratch losing the previous data. Thank you for understanding.
  13. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife Thanks for your reassuring answer.๐Ÿ‘ Best Regards๐Ÿ™
  14. I had two network attacks that were blocked by KIS 21.3 I attach the images. Should I be worried or do something else?
  15. Hello @Berny Thank you so much for your answer.๐Ÿ‘ Best regards JP
  16. I have a 240-day KIS license (purchased via the card at a store). I would like to know, due to the release of new products until when is KIS supported? Thanks.
  17. Good afternoon. I'm in the same situation, I've always opted for manual renewal, because for personal reasons, I don't have a credit card or smartphone to obtain authorization for the purchase from my bank. I've been using KIS for ten years and I've always renewed it manually. I hope that for Portugal, find this possibility or else I will also have to opt for another antivirus.
  18. Thanks @Berny and @Flood and Flood's wife for the warning. This error will not be repeated. Best Regards
  19. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife. The confusion was generated because the area where the code is on the card has to be scratched, in order to maintain its inviolability and then to have access to the code. Thank you. JP
  20. Thanks @Flood and Flood's wife ๐Ÿ‘ I've been a user since 2012 and I was thinking that there would be no other chance of purchasing KS (I don't have a credit card). I renewed my KIS subscription for one year in May of this year. I hope to continue using Kaspersky products, the best for me so far, having already tried others in the past.
  21. Card-based subscription is mentioned in this link Thanks https://support.kaspersky.com/help/Kaspersky/Win21.7/en-US/214814.htm
  22. Hello @ The quote is in Portuguese, due to having used the translator, sorry for the mistake.. Then the signature of the card in a store takes effect on the date of purchase in the store. I didn't know that, I thought it was at the time of installation, because how does the store know I'm buying a subscription based on a card ? Thanks
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