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  1. The issue was that remote access for configuration was disabled. I wsa on the phone with tech support for about 20 minutes before this was discovered. Once enabled, it functioned normally. I have never seen this feature in any other security product. Experience. Thank you for your help.
  2. I am unable to uninstall the app. I get the same confirmation window and it can’t get past it. User is an Admin for the pc. Is there another requirement? Help!!!
  3. I’m not sure what patch is installed. I have attached a screen shot. Is it (m)?
  4. I installed a new app on my pc and I need to allow it through the firewall. In the UI, I change the protection level to ALLOW the app. I then get a screen that asks me to confirm my decision. At that point, the UI is locked up. I have to have t restart the pc to get control back. I am unable to close the program using Task Manager - I have to reboot or sign out. I have included a pic of the error. I have Office Security 7 v running on Win10 Home Any help would be appreciated.
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