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  1. At this time but you see my screenshots correct? Anyways, thanks for the help. It seems to be fixed now.
  2. And Honestly? I CAN'T have/use a software that I CAN'T CONTROL IT’S ACTIONS so it’s better Kaspersky have that in mind and make something about it or they are going to lose a +20 years loyal customer. While I understand that MOST of the users should let KTS take care of the things, KTS should have an option for Advanced Users to make possible to control it what it’s doing or not.
  3. Thanks Igor, Here is the file for you to download and since Kaspersky deleted the previous one I just fresh downloaded directly from Blizzard and the issue remains. As I said, no matter what I do Kaspersky keeps deleting the file by itself. Added the file/path to the Exclusions, Added to the Trusted Files, Added the ENTIRE Hard Drive to the exclusions and NOTHING works. What REALLY bothers me and pisses me off is the fact I CAN'T CONTROL what Kaspersky is doing even with perform recommended actions automatically being UNCHECK since forever. After my post yesterday I added the Hard Drive to the Exclusions and then reinstalled BNet and this morning after turn my computer on Kaspersky had deleted the file again WITHOUT any warning. _https://filebin.net/1ocat0g51w3ajbnc [Link disabled] Flood mentioned in his canned response that I can remove/restore the file from Quarantine however and I went there it's empty. To help you a bit more I’ve added I few prints below and last but not least my KTS version is (a) Thanks
  4. Starting tonight Total Security thinks that the Bnet.exe from Blizzard which I use to play World of Warcraft is a malware (UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic). Tried to ignore, tried to add to exclusions. tried to add to the trusted files and NOTHING worked. Last thing I need is a software that thinks for himself and DO NOT LET ME control it. I'm a Kaspersky subscriber since 1998 (22 years) and NEVER thought about changing it but I'm seriously about to do it.
  5. The YouTube issue was indeed fixed with the new 21.2.16 version however if I keep the “Inject Script into web traffic to Interact with web pages” enabled Firefox stops to reload pages after some time meaning that to fix I need to close and reopen Firefox. if I disable “Inject Script into web traffic to Interact with web pages” the issue goes away. Tested several times to get to this conclusion.
  6. 1 - This isn't a Solution 2 - In my Humble Opinion a Manual or Selective Scan should override any previous RULE and that’s why it's called MANUAL. Anyways, Thanks for reaching out the Tech Support
  7. @Berny Thanks but you did not answered me if this is NOW a normal/intended behavior or if it would be fixed/correct in a future release/update.
  8. I've found the issue/problem and this is something that changed from previous versions. To not having KTS warning me all the time about False Positives that I’m sure it's from a safe source I added an entire Drive Letter to my Exclusions List however as I said in the previous versions this was not affecting a manual scan of the folder or the drive but it's affecting now in Full Scan, Selective Scan and Scan from Context Menu. As soon I've removed the Driver (Letter) from the Exclusions List KTS 2021 start working (scanning) any particular folder in that Drive unless I specify a particular folder to not be scanned. Again, previous versions allowed me to do a Manual Scan of the Folder or Drive regardless if I added to the exclusions or not and to prove that I just uninstalled KTS 2021 and installed KTS 2020 to do the test and Manual Scan, Selective Scan and Scan from Context Menu worked as usual. Removed KTS 2020 and reinstalled 2021 and Manual Scan DOES NOT work again if the Drive is in the Exclusions List. Since I've a specific folder to download any file from the Internet, that folder is now NOT in the Exclusions List and I'm now able to Scan those Folders. Please let me know if this is working as intended and what I should expect from 2021 because I may otherwise go back to 2020 since it gives me more freedom and options. And by the way, a MANUAL SCAN, SELECTIVE SCAN should override and other rules and that's why it's called MANUAL :-) Thanks
  9. If I select ANY folder (Tested with more than 100) and right click to use the Scan for Virus option the result is ALWAYS 0 Objects Scanned and obviously No Threats detected since isn't scanning anything. Screenshots below! However, if I get into the folder, select one or more, or even all files in there, right click to Scan for Virus, it WORKS as intended. This never happened with the prior versions. It seems that I had to downgrade it to the version 2020 since it was working flawlessly.
  10. Hello Aussie I'm also on KTS 2021 and you're right. I though that removing the Kaspersky Protection fixed the issue but it didn't. Not even disabling Web Antivirus fixed. As you said the issue only goes away if we PAUSE KTS completely.
  11. Issue got even worst now. Only disabling Kaspersky Protection doesn't work anymore. You actually need to remove it :-(
  12. Issue got even worst now. Disabling Kaspersky Protection only doesn't work anymore. You actually need to remove it :-(
  13. Regardless if I added YouTube to the list of websites with allowed banners it keeps blocking ALL my YouTube notifications. The only way to not block is disabling Kaspersky Protection completely which is a pain since I keep forgetting to enabling it again in other websites. With Kaspersky Protection enabled With Kaspersky Protection disabled
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