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  1. It's confirmed. Since the malwarebytes disinfection, the PC has returned to normal, with the previous problems no longer occurring. I'm very disappointed with Kaspersky's product 😞
  2. Yes, I always had these settings all enabled. I don't have any remaining registry because I always use CCleaner. I've been checking my PC for a while now looking for this week's symptoms. None of them have appeared yet. By this time tomorrow I should have some certainty that it was this malware that was preventing my PC, windows, bios and screen, from working perfectly. They were definitely not PUPs. I never had adds or toolbars.
  3. Hello Berny. Thank you for your quick response. I'm talking about 19 malware, that were already installed in the Windows registry. This Windows 7 SP1 is old but Kaspersky is not. Latest version, updated base date. The SO being old is no excuse. If you want more details, I can provide them. Physical Memory: Memory Usage 45 % Total Physical 7.91 GB Available Physical 4.35 GB Total Virtual 16 GB Available Virtual 12 GB HDDs: Primary 440Gb, 119Gb free Secundary: 698Gb, 92Gb free
  4. SO: Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium x64 Build 7601 Antivirus: Kaspersky Plus, Updated, All active components My PC has been a bit strange for a few weeks now. It turns off the antivirus by itself, the screen goes off, etc. I did a full scan of the disks many times and nothing was detected. The exception list is empty. I had to reinstall the K Plus twice, because it uninstalled itself. K Plus has the malware detection component installed and working. Nothing detected. I installed Malwarebytes and it immediately detected 19 malware installed on my PC and removed them. I have always trusted Kaspersky's quality and now this happens. Can you explain to me why K Plus does not detect viruses and lets itself be uninstalled by malware? My trust in Kaspersky is very shaken. On top of that, my subscription only ends in 200 days 😞
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