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  1. Thank you both. I have check all the confirmation emails out but there are not any passwords in any of them. Eventually I have contacted support as the first post says. Waiting for their reply.
  2. Hi, Few weeks ago I renew my debit card, so I have gone to change the payment data in order to renew my license. I log in My Kaspersky with no problem. In All my licenses I click in Manage suscription, which redirects me to “shop.kaspersky.es/enduser-portal/login” (My Kaspersky is in Spanish). However, when I try to login I get an error message, telling me to check my email and password. Both are right (I have even changed my password just in case I was using the wrong one, although I didn’t have problems login in My Kaspersky). I have tried the Forgotten password option and changed my password again through there but nothing, still the same error message when I try to log in! What’s the problem? How can I access my suscription in order to change my payment info?
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