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  1. I have kaspersky password manager and have an increasing number of passwords which are obsolete, either because I no longer use the website or have updated the passwords. I would like to delete them from password manager but have not been able to find a way to do this. It is becoming a problem as KPM reverts to an old password when I go on to a site where I have changed the password and sometimes it will not let me change the password to the correct one on the website but insists an old one is input making the site useless. i have tried to delete the website then re register but the KPM will not let me use a different password. Some of these passwords have been compromised and I risk problems if I continue to use them. Changing the password on the website is ok but when I go to log on with the new password the old one pops up and deletes the new one. I don't think I am making sense but I do not have the technical mindset or knowhow to explain it better. Basically I want to delete old obsolete passwords and websites from KPM so how do I do that?
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