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  1. Hi Flood, Yesterday, I took the gamble and deleted the license from my account, unsure if I would be able to make it work again - thankfully it did!. I then reinstalled and reactivated on my machines. In answer to your questions, and for the assistance of anyone out there who comes across this in the future: 1) Kaspersky Cloud Security Free was the version I had installed. 2) I am based in the UK so had to install the European Union version 3) Kaspersky had been installed on two machines, then the hard drives died, needed re-loading with Windows twice, so in theory it was installed up to 4 times, on 2 machines. On each occassion, I would enter the console, delete the assosciated device and then reinstall / re-login to Kaspersky account. In the end, despite having only one device active and visible in the portal, the portal had detected the use of all license slots, and somehow found itself "stuck" unable to allow a new install against the license. Deleting the license completely from the account, until there was nothing present at all (other than the "add activation code" option), then reinstalling Kaspersky Cloud Security Free on both machines, Using the same email address I had just removed the license from, allowed the system to create a new free license, and allowed both machines to complete the enrollment / activation of the software, leaving one slot free for the next install I do. All in all, its a satisfying conclusion now, and it protects the machines until I renew my next license for up to 10 devices. Then I will upgrade the software to the Total Security version.
  2. Hi All, I have a free license setup against my email. I was able to install it to a machine that needed formatting, and the license slots were cleared from my console. Currently there is only one active PC on the console, but when I try to install and activate the license, it keeps telling me its unable to use the license as if there are no further slots available. I have 2 PC's which have windows 10 and need installing, but only one works. When I open up the Console, despite only one device, I get the screenshot attached. suggesting three devices are protected. How do I clear these slots once and for all, without losing access to the free license? Can anyone advise what might be wrong here as the support team are unable to help with it being a free license.
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