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  1. Cloud Security is telling me that it’s not available in my region/country.I’m living in Poland and Poland is in EU but after I select EU in the instalation options it still doesn’t let me turn on that thing. Am I supposed to install the normal Kaspersky Free again? Now the priority for me is to turn on the anti-virus. Mod: copied from another thread and edit
  2. Kaspersky says that somone is trying to atack me with Scan.generic.PortScan(something like that).I was looking on the internet to see if that’s dangerous and can I stop these atacks somehow.What I found was a Kaspersky forum(this forum) and the answer on that exactly same topic was not understandable for me.So I created a new topic.Then Berny said that I need to speak with the K-Support, and I did.The support responded to me with some instructions.And there was a one point where I needed to turn on a tracking device or something connected to tracking. I didn’t found any tracking on my Kaspersky free aplication, so I asked, and Berny told me that Cloud Security Anti-virus has that tracking option.Then I instaled that Cloud but I can’t use cloud becouse It doesn’t work in my region.It should couse I selected EU in the instalation options and Poland is in EU.
  3. Well I’m in progress of instaling it. Eitherway I need to fix the issue couse I don’t have any protection against those atacks.
  4. I’m having the same issue.I’m living in Poland and Poland is a part of EU and if I select EU in the Security cloud instalation ,it still shows the same error.I tried with global and it didn’t worked either.
  5. It says that this version is not available in my region.I’m saying about KSCloud Free of course.
  6. 7. Please enable tracing in Kaspersky applications: https://support.kaspersky.com/pl/15045#block1 Is that what you were asking for?
  7. There seems to be a problem. K-support said that I need to turn on some tracking thing, and I don’t have that. And what now?
  8. Hello @January, Also: Has a subscription been paid for Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Kaspersky Security Cloud or does it show Free in the software name → image1 ? Technical support (from Kaspersky Technical Support team), is not available for users of free Kaspersky software → image2 Thank you🙏 Flood🐳 I have the free version So I wrote to the K-support and typed that I have K-AntiVirus Sooooo are they going to respond or just leave me cause I don’t posses the subscription?
  9. What does it mean?”Your report is showing a local IP number” Does that make a diffrence?
  10. One question. I’m currently making a report to the technical support team, and is Kaspersky Anti-virus the free version?
  11. So it’s running for 8 hours now and I only have 40% . It says that it needs 11 hours to complete. I have only one drive and it’s 929GB big.81% of the space is taken. My RAM is 8 GB
  12. But why do I need to make a report?Can’t you just tell me if that’s dangerous and how to stop it? That topic you linked does not have an answer for my questions.
  13. I recently got a lot of popups of these PortScans. I want to know if that’s dangerous,Am I safe? And how to protect against these atacks and maybe stop them?
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