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  1. Thank you very much for these helpful links!
  2. Thanks Diego, but the product is not listed there. I'm looking for "Kaspersky Scan Engine" from the Enterprise segment.
  3. We're running Scan Engine installed via a file named `Kaspersky_ScanEngine-Linux-x86_64-`. Besides the issue that I need to start the main service manually (Kaspersky Scan Engine > Restart > (confirm) > Working) every time the system reboots, it works like a charm. The Release-tar.gz was sent us by our distributor. I'm not happy with this reseller; they're slow to respond to simple questions and not quite competent; I'd rather deal with Kaspersky directly. Where can I find the latest version to download for Linux (Ubuntu 22 LTS)? The product somehow disappeared from the kaspersky.com homepage? Thank you.
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