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  1. Unfortunately, the issue still hasn’t been resolved for me three days after this has started. I followed the short term solution of unselecting “Check secure connections (HTTPS)...” on Preferences. However, when I select it back, I can’t access the website again. I have the same problem with the OP, I can’t access Netflix. I hope there will be a solution soon as I, too, use banks often and need Safe Money enabled.
  2. I recently installed KIS on my Macbook Air 2017 running on macOS Mojave 10.14.6. My problem's very simple, however, it's causing a lot of problems. First of all, it's stuck on a window saying that KIS is starting. It's been running on this start screen for quite awhile now and I can't see any progress in its loading. I tried closing and opening it again a few times and the problem is still the same. I also can't press anything. Another problem I have is Google Earth can't seem to connect to its servers because of Kaspersky, among other applications that it also hinders. It appears to show Any help with this regards will be very appreciated.
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