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  1. 26 minutes ago, Niskla said:

    I have the exact same issue. No connection on firefox - everything else working fine.

    And no, disabling port monitoring for 443 and 80 does not fix it.

    Any other ideas?

    If unblocking 443 and 80 did not help I'm not sure it is the same problem I had, but I will outline my troubleshooting steps for future internet dwellers and perhaps yourself:

    If you go to KTS>More Tools>Manage Applications>Application Control>Manage applications>Locate Mozilla>Select Firefox and right click Details and Rules - does it give you an error? about invalid/moved? If so, that was what my problem was.

    Backing up the old reports database and forcing it to create a new one solved it for me as you see below.

  2. On 4/29/2022 at 12:23 AM, Igor Kurzin said:

    Hi @dongman

    Try this workaround, will it help? 

    1. Disable Self-Defense via Settings -> General
    2. Exit Kaspersky product, on the Windows Taskbar or hidden icons, right-click the Kaspersky icon, select Exit. 
    3. Go to folder C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\ and rename the folder Report to Report1    |||   IF 21.5 is installed the path will be C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.5\ 
    4. Start Kaspersky Internet Security.
    5. Enable Self-Defense.

    I had the symptoms of the original post occur across a variety of applications. I thought it was a problem with the port monitor component but realized the application management allows modification on a per-application basis and went to check, only to see Kaspersky thought they were invalid/missing and discovered this solution.

    This resolved the issue for me.


    Is this caused by a database file corruption? How can this be avoided in the future.


  3. Hyper-V must be off as well as other Windows features that use the CPU virtualization flag. Windows will not release the virtualization flag if you use any features Windows has with CPU virtualization, making it impossible to use additional virtualization software (such as Kaspersky's virtualization features).


    VMWare workstation works perfectly fine with Kaspersky installed, just make sure Hyper-V and other windows virtualization features are disabled.

    The BIOS virtualization feature must remain enabled, however.

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