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  1. Thanks @Flood and Flood's wife, After a manual removal of Kaspersky and updating to version , my programs are working normally again. I can also confirm it wasnt related to VPN Module as I manually uninstalled it before reinstalling Kaspersky. Still can't understand why it would block applications while under paused protection. I checked Event Viewer to get the new and previous version installed. Uninstalled: Reinstalled: Versions are the same, that would mean there was some configuration issue. In which case I can say I have not changed configurations to Kaspersky for at least a couple of months now other than adding a custom http port to the exception list around February. I'll do a copy of my current settings in case it happens again. Finally to respond to your points: 1) 2) No entry had been generated in any report, I manually enabled all report options in all modules 3) Folder and sub-folders had been added to exception list 5) Free Edition Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, Starting a couple of days ago I noticed some applications that rely on contacting websites not working out of nowhere. After trying several solutions, I finally tried completely closing Kaspersky Security Cloud from tray (not using pause protection), only then the application would work. For some reason Kaspersky is blocking some websites, and does not stop this behavior even when using 'Pause Protection' option. The problem I see with this behavior is that this action is not reported at all, so I have no idea which component of Kaspersky is doing this. I have already tried disabling most (if not all) components 1 by 1 and could not make these applications work without completely closing the AV. I have also tried enabling all reporting options available. This is an issue because it would mean kaspersky is running some additional applications behind the scenes that one can not enable/disable or its reporting features are not working correctly. Applications I use that are affected: * Visual Studio Code 1.65.2 : Error when browsing extensions * Final Fantasy XIV build 7440962 : Error opening, it relies on windows http api during launch Is there a way to get Kaspersky to show me what's being blocked and by what module? I'd hate to change AV, but if I have to manually close it every time I need to open something it would be too cumbersome to use. Edit*: Also to note some other applications need a hard restart after restarting Kaspersky, like firefox.
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