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  1. Hi and thanks for your reply but I cannot find anything in the reports which relate to google earth, its frustrating but looks like I will have to uninstall google earth because it is not working with KIS.
  2. Hi I searched for above problem and got no answers so here is my question ? when I launch google earth I get a notification as per attached photo saying unable to connect to server, if I pause my KIS google earth opens and connects to server no problems. Can someone explain to me which setting in KIS must I change to solve my problem. Thank in advance I am running Windows 10 version 21h2 (os build 19044,2364) KIS 21,3,10,391(j)
  3. anthantong I got my version from https://products.kaspersky-labs.com/ try it you might find version you looking for...good luck
  4. Update- I have uninstalled KIS 20 and reinstalled KIS 19 and now my pc is back to where it was before Kaspersky Internet Security 20 decide I could not run Malwarebytes together on the same PC so until the KIS issues a fix I will stay on version 19, thank you to Flood for the download link.
  5. Good day yesterday after many moths decided to use the update which sat dormant on KIS 2019 to latest version but did not uninstall Malwarebytes as suggested and when my pc restarted I could not go online with any of my installed browsers and not thinking it was a compatibility problem spent a long time trying to fix it by uninstalling both Malwarebytes and KIS. I now only have KIS 2020 installed but feel naked without the added protection from Malwarebyte and after reading this thread going to try and install Malearebytes and leave real time protection un ticked and hope I do not have the same problems as before failing that i will have to look online for the KIS 2019 and install that because it worked with no problems side by side with Malwarbytes. Do you have a link where I could download KIS 2019….thanks in advance
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