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  1. to add: CPU usage is high after system start, but then in all configurations leveled down to 1 - 4% after 60-90 sec after I saw my WIN desktop, no matter what system configuration I chose. After disabling all unnecessary crap, I finally arrived at 1%.
  2. Just went through the ordeal described on the microsoft page. Yes, finally found the culprits. It was not Kaspersky...I recommend to reserve 2 h or so, since you will go through frequent reboots. I had a scribble block next to me to note down which parts I disabled and what the RAM / CPU usage was after each step. Because after a few changes you turn mad ;-) But in the end I was able to bring down RAM from 7.3 GB usage to 4.2 GB. Main memory eater was Docker Desktop which I only need from time to time but which after an update was configured to fire up each time Wnidows starts. And also as a hint, even if I disable EVERYTHING according to the MS article I still have a MEM usage of 3.4 GB. So, at least on my computer (Lenovo Yoga C930 with 12 GB RAM and WIN10) the stories from people saying 2 GB is all that WIN and the basic services occupy is simply not applicable. Hint #2: I also could not believe that the total of all programs / services listed in the MS resource monitor should amount up to the total RAM usage listed. But I sat down finally with a calculator and it is really adding up to this. So, no hidden VM mem eaters or whatever some people claim that there is in the dark shadows of your MS system ;-)
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