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  1. Hi, excuse me for not being able to try, today I have been able to do so and using the trial of Security Cloud - Personal I have been able to remove the issue by deselecting "Check account" and "Private Browsing" however it has not been that easy, for some reason it is quite bugged at the moment, and had to deactivate and reactivate it a few times until it worked. I also added the domain to the private browsing exclusion list and it didn't work while active. Something to note is that I restarted Edge everytime I tested a setting because sometimes it would still occur if not restarted. As a final test measure I restarted the computer entirely and the scroll bar is still working right now.
  2. Hello again, how is the state of this issue? Can anyone confirm that it does not happen on the Security Cloud paid version? Or if that will have support to fix the issue? The issue is getting a bit annoying and will gladly upgrade if I can keep it working with Kaspersky. Thank you.
  3. Unfortunately, the scroll bar still disappears. The issue still persist, here is a video of what happens: You can see there that the scroll bar disappears just when I any key (Enter in this case) This happened as well on a fresh install of Edge, I have been installing extensions since then, but disabling all of them (including AdBlock) does not solve the issue. I have to add that the issue DOES NOT HAPPEN on InPrivate mode. I know it's Kaspersky because if I exit the application (right click on KS icon on the bottom right of the screen and Exit) the issue goes away and everything works as expected. I have seen this post in this forum: Clicking on "Block data collection" and then again on "Only gather statistics" did not fix the issue. But I can't access "Privacy protection" since I am on the KSC Free version, I don't mind paying since it has served well for a while now but I would appreicate to solve this bug.
  4. Windows build: Windows 10 x64 21H2 compilation 19044.1645 (FRESH INSTALL) Kaspersky version: Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free (i) The problem: Scroll bar disappears when a key is pressed in certain webpages. This is happening since I formatted my hard drive but before that it happened too, but disabling a specific protection in the app made it work, now it doesn't matter which options I touch it just doesn't work. How to replicate: Open the Edge browser (just installed works) and open Unreal Engine 5 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation then while scrolling press the Enter (return) key. The scroll bar will disappear and the page is not scrollable anymore. It can also happen with any keyboard key and even changing volume.
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