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  1. That was all that it said on the popup. There was no option to permanently allow it, even if it did refer to the task scheduler. It seems that Kaspersky does not like scheduled tasks that include things like Powershell, and does not allow a work-around.
  2. I've spent too much time on this already. I have now uninstalled it again in order to have my routines run.
  3. I have a brand new computer with Windows 10 Pro (I do not like 11!). I had two scheduled tasks working perfectly up to today, when I tried re-installing Kaskerky again. AGAIN, both of these scheduled tasks are being removed. I have disabled the "Delete malicious tools etc". I am getting reports, but not enough information is given in the pop-up to know whether it is the scheduled task, or something else. For instance, I have a "Malware detected" pop-up which has detected a "Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunTask.a" in System memory. I do not know if this is from the task scheduler, or a real trojan! Unless I can allow these scheduled tasks, I shall have to uninstall Kaspersky again!
  4. It is still being detected. See: http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/detected.jpg I had to restart the computer to stop it being deleted. When I restarted it I had to again allow it.
  5. I have not changed any of the settings here. I notice that only one item is ticked. http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Exclusions.jpg Thanks
  6. OK - I've re-created all of the events again. I have had to disable Kaspersky in order to make a new backup copy on the USB stick. The USB is E:/ drive. You now have 3 new reports - two (shorter) ones as before, plus another one: http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Kaspersky_Report3.txt http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Kaspersky_Report4.txt http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Kaspersky_Report5.txt Plus two pictures: Showing the 'Trusted' list, with the mouseover showing the detail. After the file is deleted, the entry still remains, but the size goes down to 0.00 KB: http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Trusted.jpg Trying to open it in NotePad, showing that the file is already locked (then it was deleted): http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/NoAccess.jpg So I am now having to pause Kaspersky to make the backup on the USB, remove the USB, and then Resume protection so that the backup copy does not get deleted.
  7. It is still deleting my backup copy on my USB stick. A rule has been made for it and it is a trusted application - both relating to the USB stick (E:/). How can I stop this?
  8. Standard version Thank you - it all seems to be working as it did before. I am now going to have to create a rule for my backup USB sticks otherwise it will be wanting to delete my backup copies! This is because the rules relate to paths as well as file names.
  9. 1. Standard version 2. Windows 11 Home - Version 22H2 3. System Watcher report: http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Kaspersky_Report1.txt Intrusion Prevention report: http://www.vantagesoft.co.uk/Kaspersky_Report2.txt
  10. ... also, even though the task has been deleted, 2 additional tasks that I have added, and subsequently been deleted by Kaskpersky, are running. I am getting the two error messages every 10 minutes. I cannot find the tasks in order to delete them.
  11. Hi, I have created a task in Task Scheduler that every 10 minutes runs a vbs script that accesses the internet. It's a type of cron. Up until about 1 day ago, it was working fine. However, in the last day or so, Kaspersky insists on deleting both the task entry and the vbs script. I have added the script file to the Security / Manage applications / Trusted, but it still deletes the file. Also, when trying to restore the vbs file from my backup, it now deletes the file from the backup!! Strangely, even though the task has been remored from the task manager, I am still getting an error message every 10 minutes saying the the vbs script file cannot be found. So the task seems to be running, even though it has been removed from the list! How can I stop these being deleted and have the task running as before?
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