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  1. It's M1 MacBook with macOS 12.1. KIS\KSC Are installed.
  2. But the odd thing is that one of my M1 Mac is working correctly. The issue only occurs on theM1 Max MacBook Pro.
  3. I hope Apple and Kasperski could solve this issue ASAP.
  4. News update. The internet was successfully connected with Kaspersky VPN when I turned off the Network Attack Blocker. But I want the Network Attack Blocker to be on otherwise it is meaningless to use Kaspersky Security Cloud, isn't it? Still, I don't know why I must turn off the Network Attack Blocker to connect internet.
  5. I did update to macOS Monterey 12.1. Unfortunately, still my problem did not solve. I have both latest MacBook Pro with M1MAX chipset and MacBook Pro with Intel CPU one. The older MacBook Pro with Intel CPU one has no problem and VPN app work fine. But the VPN doesn’t work with the latest one.
  6. Hello @HUE166, Thank you for posting back! Is the case with Kaspersky support still open? Sometimes support take a really long time, have you asked them for an update? Please let us know? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 I suppose the case still open. The last email I received from the support was Dec 10.
  7. It’s been almost 12 days since I threw this topic on this thread. Meanwhile, I did what I could according to what the customer support team suggested. However, even the Kasperski support team hasn't solved my issue. And I'm still waiting for their solutions. It is a weird situation.
  8. I couldn’t resolve even after closing Kaspersky Security Cloud.
  9. I already did contact support. And sent a log from VPN. Thanks. I start thinking about this issue is related the latest Mac OS Monterey. Because It has never happen the previous Mac OS.
  10. Hi, Thanks for reply. I did whatever I could do, including Flood and Flood's wife and Danila T. mentioned. But I can’t connect internet while Kaspersky VPN is ON. The Mac OS I’m using is the latest version called Monterey has a new feature called Private Replay that can hide IP addresses. And people say I have to turn off this feature. But I already disabled this feature in the first place. And nevertheless, the VPN still doesn't work, so I have nothing to do right now.
  11. I tried to browse web pages but it said "no internet" even if the network connection status is connected and Kaspersky VPN also appeared as “Connected” How could I solve this problem?
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