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  1. Hi, Please help me I have transferred pictures that I took from a camera (Canon, and from my mobile"Samsung") to my laptop, Microsoft surface with windows 10 operating system, These photos were fine and opened smoothly, and each one is a few megabytes in size, A few weeks later, I tried to back up my pictures and files on external hard drives; I was surprised that all my photos were of total 5 terabytes! And each one is 23 Gigabyte in length, and they can't be opened. I know this is a fake size as my storage in the laptop is a total of 1 TB, and the Kaspersky total security doesn't recognize any problem. I am really worried as those pictures are very important to me I hope you can find a solution to my problem as I am a researcher and if I lose those pictures, I lose lots of work for months! Please help Many thanks Hassan
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