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  1. ​ Hello @Berny , I looked it up (and for privacy, I’m not putting a picture of the reports here), but they all came from browsers and Discord. I looked into it, and my main browser really had a restriction on my camera, probably I enabled it thinking it was a question of “Do you allow THIS SITE to access your camera” and not all of the Application. But the Discord one is weird, since I never took it’s permission (it would not make much sense), but I since there are multiple origins to “Discord” (according to the Application Manager) I will look into them to see if any is indeed restricted, and check what could have been. I thank you very much for the heads-up. I will keep this thread a little longer while I look into the Discord thing. ​
  2. In the last few months I noticed that no matter the browser I use I receive Kaspersky pop-ups about access to my webcam being blocked, but I don’t even have a plugged webcam. I’m concerned if it is only a bug on Kaspersky part, or there are multiple ( somewhat random, as far as I noticed ) places that are triggering a virus trying to look through where there would be a webcam. Obs: I do have a webcam that I almost never use, but it has been plugged, so the drivers are installed, but this problem has happened since before I had the webcam.
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