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  1. A week ago, I opened Lenovo Vantage on my Lenovo IdeaPad in order to briefly turn off the battery cap. Vantage offered me a hardware scan. Since I had mouse issues, I went ahead with it. However, when it was scanning the real-time clock, several notifications from Kaspersky Security Cloud Free popped up informing me they couldn’t authenticate domains that appear to be legitimate Microsoft domains asking for an encrypted connection (I have Microsoft Office installed). I chose to Disconnect them to be safe. I proceeded with temporarily disabling the battery cap in Vantage then re-enabling it later in the day. Upon advise, I tried running the hardware scan again, but the notifications did not pop up again. A few days later, I noticed that my laptop is constantly slower than usual. I checked Task Manager and KSC appeared to be taking up more memory than usual. When I checked the UI, it showed that a Background Scan was not started for a few days even though it was enabled and past logs showed it was set to do so every day. I tried restoring KSC to defaults. While that managed to get the Background Scan started, it ended up stopping at 90% (I didn’t see the log for details for this one). The next day, Kaspersky was still unreasonably slowing down my laptop so I decided to uninstall it then reinstall it, which managed to solve the memory issue. On the same day, it managed to complete its Background Scan. The following day, however, the Background Scan started having issues, and it has had issues for two days straight. I managed to check the logs for the 2nd day after reinstallation and while the general description says the scan finished, the details said it abruptly stop after getting issues with some Vantage files: ​​​​​Today, there were similar issues but for different paths: Note that I recently installed Windows’s Feb 2022 cumulative update. As for the My Documents path, the path simply does not exist. When I try to go there by manually typing it explorer, I also get an access denied error (this does not appear to be a general error when trying to access folders that do not exist). My documents folder is simply titled “Documents”. Is there anything wrong or is this all normal behavior at this point? Thanks in advance
  2. I was running a hardware scan on Lenovo Vantage and browsing the Internet when Kaspersky Security Cloud Free gave me several notifications that it could not guarantee the authenticity of several domains requesting an encrypted connection. All of the domains appear to be related to Microsoft, but I can’t remember the specific domains. I chose to “Disconnect” all of them. While I was receiving the notifications, I tried clicking on a link on a Wikipedia page I had opened and my browser (Brave) blocked it saying it could not established a secure connection. I closed and reopened the browser and everything was back to normal. The notifications did not reappear. I was not going to any website when I first received the notification, the only thing my browser was actively downloading was a YouTube video, so the process must have been something in the background. I have had Microsoft Office & Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for months and they never had an issue with each other until now. I tried running the Vantage hardware scan again, but it did not trigger the notifications again. What is going on and should I be concerned about it?
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