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  1. Thank you but I will contact the support after a official release of the Plus plan. Now, I think there is no accurate answer from kaspersky Support Team
  2. Thank you. I contact support team but they only told me the VPN with 500MB traffic is included in KSC and closed my case suddenly. I get no answer from the support team.
  3. Yes, I have. When kaspersky announces a official release of KasperskyPlus in this summer, will flyg and I get the full package? Will the traffic of VPN be as same as KasperskyPlus automatically?
  4. So sorry for boring you. But for confirmation, let me propose my issue clearly. The concernful issue is about the traffic of the VPN after the upgrading progress is completed. I can believe the VPN in Plus plan is unlimited. As the user flgy mentioned, he can use the VPN with only 500MB, even though his upgrading progress is completed, which is different from the FAQ.
  5. Thanks for your effort for solving the issue. Meanwhile I am glad to receive your reply. Is there any new information about the traffic of the VPN when a upgrading progress from Security Cloud Personal to Plus is applied? Will it be unlimited that is mentioned in the Plus plan information?
  6. @Flood and Flood's wife Is there any news about this topic?
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