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  1. Well. I activated Kaspersky Standard with my KIS code, downloaded it from the US site and everything is fine and functioning as usual. there is an occasional line (not always) in my Kaspersky account displaying "product yet to launch in your region" (that's not a big deal) apart from that even my Kaspersky works perfectly.
  2. I'm from south Asia, bought the license from Kaspersky Indian website. https://www.kaspersky.co.in
  3. Kaspersky Standard, Plus and premium not launched in our region, still using KIS is it ok to download the kasppersky plus from US site and use my existing key ? will it work ?
  4. Hi, this looks like a stupid question but I need to know whether the Paid version of KAV has a firewall and application control (Latest product range has not been launched in our region)
  5. My KPM in wondows 10 not starting and showing this error, Can anyone plase help ? ( Run as administrator)
  6. Is there any way to switch Kaspersky free after the license expiration of KIS without uninstalling the program
  7. Recently I set my wifi connection as "metered" in my new PC and since then Kaspersky stop updating automatically,Now it was two days and no automatic updates,I need to know whether this is normal or not, If it is a normal from Kaspersky I think it's a weird setting of Kaspersky why stop automatic updates if wifi set as metered,update files not more than 1-2 Mb,
  8. I have KTS installed and i got 70+ days left in my activation code.I need to know that if I purchase new activation code from kaspersky.com today is it going to count days just after I purchase ??? I need to activate KTS after using my 70+ days which I already have ( I'm going to purchase new activation code because I got a great 45% off offer today) please help friends I'm a new guy here
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