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  1. Thank you very much, the ase has been opened as number INC000013920214 Regards, Christophe Hannosset.
  2. Then maybe obvious to you but apparently the web site is redesigned and I have no idea how to create a support ticker. Any help or guideline you can help me with?
  3. I am not in Europe, I am in Singapore. Right now I ma able to reach neither Sputnik nor RT. Do you have any recommendation?
  4. Thank you for you prompt answer. Do you have any timeline? I feel right now very unsecure as Google remove the DNS entry for sputnik and its DNS is becoming politicized.
  5. Hi, I noticed that when I start the VPN, it automatically connects to 8.88.8 and as second DNS. I would like the VP{N to use and instead. Every time I start the VPN it forces the google dns even after I specify the quad9 dns. Question1: How can I impose the DNS to the Kaspersky VPN? Thanks, Christophe Hannosset
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