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  1. Thank you DonKid for your reply. The support recommends to update the Agent's Version to 11.9 which can't be done immediately. fortunately, the problem was auto-resolved and now the updates works fine in our Server (In case other users face the same problem).
  2. Hello, We have a DB updating issue in one of our managed Servers (Windows server 2012 R2) for about 3 days ago till now => "Error : Not all components were updated" "Event Error updating component happened on computer $HOSTNAME in the domain X on Date & Time Event type: Error updating component Result description: Error updating component Error: Error updating component Object type: Web page Object name: KLAVA " The error code of the "update task" in the managed server is: Error_0x05DC000C. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue please? We are working with a KES The current DB version of the damaged server is 19839137 while all the other servers in our Plateform (same OS version) are running a 19863642 DB. Steps done till now: "clearing the content of the folder C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\KES\Bases\KLAVA\ and running a manual update but same issue. Thanks,
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