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  1. I uninstalled KIS. And installed back again. And no. The activation code does not apply to this application. I cannot even install back the older version.
  2. I downloaded the patch. The new patch logged out my original KIS activationcode. And when I type in again. It said The activation code does not apply to this application. Well done. Technical team.
  3. Window 7 X64 build 7600 Version© Whenever I went to bank web site, the virtual keyboard show up. I appreciate it and not much problem about it. However, whenever the virtual keyboard show up. My real keyboard are blocked from any character input. I could see ctrl, alt, backspace, tab are working through the virtual keyboard. But my real keyboard cannot use any keys, like 1-0 and a-z, even after closing every program. I had to restart in order to get back my keyboard. Any idea if I can turn on my keyboard after the incident??
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