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  1. Hello, yesterday i removed Windows Defender from a server using this command: Uninstall-WindowsFeature Windows-Defender and the incompatible application warning is gone. Then, we must to unistall it!
  2. Hello, after the upgrade to KSC14 and Network Agent, on my servers with KS for Server with Critical Fix 9 (only Windows Server 2019), Windows Defender is detected as incompatible software and probably is correct but it is also disabled. Is it a bug or i have to do something to unistall WIndows Defender? Thanks.
  3. Hello, on the italian Kaspersky web site the ITA KES v11.10.0.399 with strong encryption is not available for download. Why?
  4. I wanted to specify that the rules are not applied to PC "A" but to all other PCs
  5. I have to block access to a pc that we will call "A", but from "A" I have to be able to ping all the other PCs. So I've created a rule that blocks all types of connections to "A" and I'm trying to make a rule, to be placed before the rule that blocks everything, that allows "A" to ping all other PCs: but I can not make it. I have tried various combinations of the predefined rules (ICMP echo reply packets inbound, ICMP echo request packets outbound) but I can't get the ping. Could someone help me by posting an image of the rule that worka. Thank you.
  6. I would like to share my disappointing experience with Kaspersky Encryption File System here on the forum and would like someone to tell me about their experience with Kaspersky EFS. I am testing the EFS on two PCs and the initial test is: Create an encryption rule for files created / copied or moved to a specific folder. Create a decryption rule for files copied or moved to a specific folder. The problem is that the encryption works as expected, but the decryption doesn't! When I move the file to the decryption folder, everything seems to work fine and in the KES interface, in the EFS module there are the decryption logs. The problem is that the file, due to some strange cache mystery, remains encrypted. I move the file to another pc, without KES installed, via usb key or network share and the file is encrypted. To get the decrypted file, after moving it to the folder where it is decrypted, i have to: restart Explorer.exe, log off the user or restart the PC. Kaspersky Support has officially told me that this behavior is by design. But can you imagine such a thing in a company that still has to exchange files with the outside world? The user has no way of knowing if the file is still encrypted or not! I honestly am very disappointed! But is there anyone in their company who has KES EFS active? What is your experience? i’m using KES 11.7, latest Network Agent and KSC 13.2 Thank you.
  7. it happened to me also. kaspersky support demanded to send trace data in the exact attack moment but it is so rare... than i give up.
  8. I immediately apologize for having opened the same topic on the English forum but it is useless to have a forum in Italian where no one answers! I created a removal task on the KSC for FireFox 84.01 x64 using the "Uninstall application from the application registry" option. KSC suggests me the correct path: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe" and i add the /S parameter to complete the task. the task stops with the error: cannot find the specified file. I checked the path and the executable file and everything is correct. What could be the problem? I have latest version of KSC, Net Agent and KES. Thanks.
  9. Salve, sto cercando di disinstallare Firefox usando il KSC ma il task fallisce sempre con ”Impossibile trovare il file specificato”. Ecco cosa facio: Creo il task di rimozione selezionando l’opzione “Disinstalla applicazione dal registro delle applicazioni” Cerco l’applicazione digitando Mozilla Firefox, la trovo e la seleziono: Mozilla Firefox 84.0 (x64 it) Il KSC mi propone il percorso del file di rimozione: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe" ed è corretto, sia il percorso che la presenza del file helper.exe Aggiungo /S come parametro trovato sul sito web di firefox Chiudo il task e lancio...risultato: Impossibile trovare il file specificato. Ho le ultime versioni disponibili installate, sia del KSC12 che del KES 11.5. L’immagine è per mostrare che il percorso e il file ci sono. Qualcuno sa il perchè? Grazie.
  10. Kaspersky support gives me a pf8611 to fix this issue. I tested it today and it works. you can Ask pf to support.
  11. hi, i just moved the KSC to a new server but now the backup job configured on a network folder no longer works and i don't know why. the error: KSC cannot write to the folder Ok, but what should i do to be able to make a backup on a NAS? What users? Thanks
  12. I noticed that in the certificate settings the ip address and the certificate are those of the old server. Probably the cause of the issue is this. what should I do to regenerate the certificate for Mobile device server?
  13. hello, today i have installed KSC 12 on a new server and restored the backup of the KSC server i’m going to remove on it. Then, i have creted a move server task to move only two pc, for now, and all seem ok: the PCs are on-line on the new KSC server. Then, i tryied to change ip address on a tablet with kaspersky 10 update 11 to try the syncronization with the new KSC but it fais to syncronize. How i should do to move an Android device to new KSC server? thanks
  14. Hello, i am planning to change servers for the KSC installation. If I don't keep the same ip address and server name, does the move task work on Android devices too? Thanks.
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