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  1. hey!!! @FLOOD you did it !!!!! yess its working !! I appreciate you so so much ! where can i write here somthing good about you ?? i must write to the community about you thank you so much
  2. hey @FLOOD i downloaded KASPERSKY CLOUD 20 to my computer and it showed us the subscription problem (from the picture i sent u above ) then i thought it would be helpful if i will delete it so thats what i did . i added my system summery . for your fifth question , Desktop-C002EQD is this computer ( the computer im talking to you ,the one that had the KASPERSKY CLOUD 20 and after the reboot of windows the KASPERSKY CLOUD 20 gone and i want it back on this computer . for your sixth question ,Desktop-C002EQD is the same as LapTop-H1REPRAV , they are both the same computer but after the reboot the name of my computer has changed from LapTop-H1REPRAV to Desktop-C002EQD really hope you understand what i wrote :)
  3. hey @FLOOD im sorry i couldn't find the “system information” and couldn't understand the process of what you wanted of me to do . i saw that the name of my computer has change to DESKTOP-C002EQD. i deleted the download to DESKTOP-C002EQD. ( i thought that it would help ,if i need to download it again tell me please ). litman-PC (Desktop) is for another computer i have . thank you for your patience .
  4. HEY @FLOOD yes i see my existing license and i see there also the Activation code . thanks :)
  5. hey @FLOOD i add a picture to show you what i see in the place i wrote 1 thats the user before my company rebooted it . number 2 its after the reboot . they just rebooted it . i had a problem with windows and the re install in and deleted all the storage . i see that the DESKTOP number has change but i dont know why and it does not show CONNECTED . hope you will understand what i wrote thank you for your help
  6. hey @FLOOD i did everything on your list . now its showing me this problem (add a screenshot ) and when i went to MY KASPERSKY the website gave me the same thing only to buy . maybe i need to revoke this computer and it will let me to add it again ? thank you for your patience btw i have a gaming laptop so my computer shouldn't do any problems ( HP OMEN 15)
  7. hey @FLOOD thank you after the reboot of my computer , i couldn't find the kaspersky app i tried to download it again from the website but couldn't find it either . my question is how i can download again the the product i bought ? i dont have an image because i dont nothing to show , the computer is new and i dont have the product.
  8. Hey guys, I have kaspersky premium, I paid for it 2 months ago. I had a problem with my computer and my company has rebooted my computer. Now I can't install again the product on the same computer. Thanks everyone
  9. I mean if I will reboot my whole computer will I be able to install kaspersky anti virus again on the same computer?
  10. Hey guys I have problems with my computer, I want to reboot it, and it obviously it Will delete the app. Is it possible to get the app back on the same computer 🖥?
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