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  1. Quick update on this I uninstalled KIS and during uninstallation procedure from KIS selected the checkbox 'keep license information. And then installed KS and licence was automatically taken...no problem even signing to you kaspersky account Also the setting bug that i was concer with is also fixed in this new version
  2. I have KIS and due to some bug i have been told by the expert to download KS. My doubt is it that can i just uninstall KIS and download KS and use they same key of KIS in KS and will it work?
  3. You are using Total security and i am on Internet security version
  4. After providing them with all the data they required i got the reply from the expert to download Kaspersky Standard Version. I dont know if it will work with the present key of my Kaspersky Internet secuirty. What an expert advice ! Below i have attached their replies
  5. yes same problem...i format the windows recently too on previous windows it was the same problem...you can check my earlier post here
  6. there is no option to send a video here...i can but how?
  7. there is no other standard accounts on this machine. Thats the probem it is accepting to change the setting without entering of the password, when you just click no option
  8. I am using KIS v21.3.10.391. I have set admin password in my kaspersky product but when i go to Privacy Protection and turn on and off the cam protection , it ask me for the password but without typing any password and clicking "No" the setting changes
  9. change the setting when asked for password cilck on no then switch to another tab...when again asked for password click no...check ur settings changed without typing the password you can refer the video attached
  10. Without typing in the password set in antivirus one can change the settings of the antivirus. For more details check the attachment. Video Here
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