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  1. I should've thought of 3 before. I uninstalled and reinstalled KIS, and the issue seems to be fixed, even after a couple of restarts of the laptop, the issue doesn't seem to appear anymore. I'll keep monitoring for any further problems (hopefully none will occur). Much appreciated for your help... ?
  2. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife and thank you for the welcome! I added everything you asked as best as I could, and hopefully it'll help: 1- (i). 2- Reports show nothing related to the issue. 3- MHSAEPassportScan is the exe's file name of the company's program we use at work. 4- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1suC26-khacBDfLIubj86CoQ7jdwXUFm6/view?usp=sharing 5- Same thing, I click ok for the first time, nothing happens, I click ok again, KIS crashes. 6- I added every instance of the app in the trusted apps, still nothing changes. 7- KIS crashes and restarts, same thing. 8- My IT has no idea what the problem is.
  3. Just as the title says, and in order to login normally, I have to pause protection. This only happens on the laptop I'm using at work, but it doesn't happen on the PC I use at home. I tried adding the app to the exclusion list through "Manage exclusions", but to no avail. I tried adding it to the trusted list through "Specify trusted applications", it doesn't do anything when I click ok the first time after adding the app, but when I click it again, KIS crashes and restarts . The error message is attached for more info.
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