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  1. 1. Yup, after I turned removed the VPN profile, there was no longer any active VPN icon on my phone saying that it was active, and I checked multiple times too. 2. I’m planning to delete the app soon, so I don’t think I have to worry about that
  2. 1. I installed the app on my phone, turned anti phishing, it told me to add a VPN profile to my phone so I did. Then I realized I did not want a VPN, so I went to the IOS settings and removed the VPN profile. However I did not power off and power on the iPhone afterward using the hold power button(unless you mean literally just pressing the power button off and on) 2. Screenshot posted below 3. Yes it says that I have a VPN associated with the account but I am not using it at all, as again I uninstalled the VPN already. 4. I removed the VPN profile from my phone settings, but the app is still on my phone, and I’m not using it for any purpose right now.
  3. Got one more question. On the app it says “VPN is used on 1/1 devices” does that mean the VPN is still on or does that mean it’s been used by one device before? I already removed the VPN but it still says that
  4. So when I turn on anti phishing, does the VPN turn on too? As in hiding my IP and such. I didn’t want it to hide my IP so that’s why I turned it off.
  5. Hi, I decided to get Kaspersky for the anti phishing feature but it requires the use of a VPN configuration on my phone. My question is, does this VPN configuration change my location/IP in any way. I didn’t want to use the VPN in the first place but it looks like the only way for the anti phishing to turn is by having the VPN enabled on my phone, which I don’t want.
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