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  1. Kaspersky Support solution; > Install the 'Kaspersky Password Manager' on the 2nd browser window that automatically opens when 'Safe Money' is turned on for a particular website. (i.e. 'Safe Money' green bordered window). Solved
  2. Completed remove/install for Password Manager extension. Issue remains.
  3. 1. Any website 2. Not loaded Chrome or firefox yet giving Microsoft Edge a try on new pc? 3. P Mgr. - Microsoft Edge, Safe Money - Chromium based Microsoft Edge 4. KPM Version 5. Total Security Version (i) Thanks
  4. Using windows 11 & Edge Browser. When Safe Money is applied to a website it opens a second window in the browser. Password Manager however does not pick up this second window and fill in details stored in Password Manager? If I turn Safe Money off for the site the details are picked up and inserted in the website login. (but not in a safe window. Any solutions
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