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  1. In addition to what FLOOD has said, it's always best to have the latest version to benefit from improvements/upgrades. As you've had issues with 2019, you may wish to consider downgrading to 2018 which I have found to be stable. However, the choice is yours. You could try 2018 and if not happy, then go back to 2017.
  2. Hi, forget425. Have you tried restarting your computer, and also logging out and then back into My Kaspersky ? Sometimes, it takes a couple of attempts before it updates.
  3. In addition to what the others have said, you can always run the Full Scan manually, at a time that suits you rather than scheduling it. Kaspersky is 32 bit, but is designed to run on 64 bit machines.
  4. Received Patch E today Friday 19 April, on both my machines. One prompted for an update, the other didn't, but I restarted the other pc anyway, and all is well. Great to see the red K back in the tray area, as it always used to be. Good move, Kaspersky Lab !
  5. Finally got Patch E today, and I now have the red K icon back. Thank you to KLab for listening to its users. :ok_hand:
  6. Hi, yes, the tray icon is changed, that's the main idea. Thank you, Igor. I'm sure Eugene will be as happy as we are to see the red K back again. :thumbsup_tone2:
  7. As I don't have Patch E on either of my machines, I hope this isn't a dumb question. By changing to the Red K icon in the About field, does that then change the tray icon ?
  8. Also, in addition to the instructions in the post above, I'm currently running 2018 as 2019 was a little buggy when first released. I too have had this error and some certificate issues. Have these been resolved in 2019 patch E version ?
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