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  1. have disabled all the add-ons, still get a pop-up for every tab opened (with the add-ons off) I have installed the Kaspersky add-on, still get the pop-ups I would really like to avoid this option because it is pretty long to configure it back I have tried it, and I still get the pop-ups Thank you for keep helping me, I hope we’ll find the solution. Nonetheless, this sucks from Kaspersky, I have seen in the reviews of the add-on that this problem seems to be pretty common...
  2. EZProxy is not alway enabled, I use it only on the spot to access files as logged from my University.
  3. in facts everything runs smoothly on Chrome (and it works smoothly in non web browser applications that need internet eg Skype)...do you have any idea what could be the issue with Mozilla? it is my favourite browser so I’d prefer to keep it working yes, I checked and they’re synced
  4. The pop up I am talking aboutplease see the image attached it worked, I did not see I could turn down URL scan only for encrypted URLs. Still, I would be curious to know if that behaviour is common/desired or not Thank you very much for the help nexon.
  5. Hi, I have just installed Kaspersky Security Cloud and once I started Mozilla, Kaspersky popped up a window with the error in the title FOR EVERY WEBSITE, even Kaspersky own site. Is it normal and should I just add every website I visit as an exception (which sound pretty weird to me) or is something wrong? Thanks. Fabio
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