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  1. Hi, Thank you for your answer. It’s premium. Since you mentioned the KIS bug version, I don’t think that the problem is related to KIS since problem exists with or without KIS but I will contact Kaspersky Technical Support. I am looking for a way to determine the app causing the problem. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am a Kaspersky Internet Security for Android user, few weeks ago I noticed that my modem’s wifi light is continously flickering(blinking) 24x7 without any interruption and whenever I turn-off the wifi of my mobile device, flickering stops. I have other mobile devices in my house but none of them have this problem. I factory-reseted the device but that didn’t help. I turned off microphone and camera permissions for all apps, turned off android auto updates but streaming of data continues. My modem doesn’t have detailed connection information for devices, only data usage) KIS for PC has a superior firewall monitor, with the ability to block applications. But mobile version lacks this feature. How can I find out (Is there a way) which app is streaming data, maybe it’s a service that I’m using but I’m not aware of, such as an assistant. Or is it normal that newer version of android 9 and above continously stream data. Device is Galaxy Note 8, Android 9, Kernel 4.4.111
  3. Thanks Flood, problem started recently, Adobe Cretive Cloud is windows 10 1903 18362.295 KIS and Creative Cloud licensed of course, KIS (g) I ran a full scan, no threat found. Logs are clean. After Uninstalling Creative Cloud, strange app is gone, but after reinstall it appeared again, so I guess its definitely Adobe App, I think I need to report it to Adobe, that one of their app with a strange and long name is preveting shutdown. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am a Kaspersky Internet Security user, I have Adobe Creative Cloud installed on my computer and I think CoreSync is a part of their software but everytime I try to shutdown computer, a strange C++ class name like application is preventing the shutdown. here is the screenshot: https://ibb.co/m0ypQ6N Do you think it may be a harmful application disguising itself as adobe coresync?
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