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  1. Did you try shutting down your computer completely and then restarting, thiagoramos? Also need to update Armory crate after restarting.
  2. Thanks. A simple restart did not fix the problem but a complete shutdown and restart did. My machine is back to being colorful again. Thanks for the fix, folks!
  3. I have just updated my database and restarted my computer. This did NOT fix the problem. Armory Crate is still not recognizing my motherboard or my fans. Correction: after having done a complete shutdown and startup, the problem is now fixed. Thanks Kaspersky! You did a good job fixing this!
  4. Can anyone confirm, when this update arrives, if it fixes the problem with Armory Crate and Aura Creator, and if so, will the problem be automatically solved or does Armory Crate and Aura Creator need to be uninstalled and reinstalled again?
  5. In the ASUS Armory Crate forum, people are saying that KTS is causing issues with Armory Crate recognizing some of the hardware like the motherboard. Does anyone here know if this is true and if so, will there be a fix from Kaspersky? I am having these issues right now and if it really is KTS that is causing the problem, it would be nice to see a fix, soon.
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