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  1. Yeah, a close one 😂 I see your point regarding the statements separation, I can we can do that.
  2. Let’s see, it says “The Premium version allows using the application full functionality for one My Kaspersky account only.”. It is here to provide additional information, e.g. reply a possible question: “How many My Kaspersky accounts can I use with Premium version?”. It is not a benefit of Premium version, as Free can be used with My Kaspersky account as well. The phrase “One My Kaspersky account can be connected to 100 children profiles and 500 devices.” is not related to Premium/Free differences, it is about limitations of My Kaspersky account + Safe Kids.
  3. Hi Flood, yes, it can be it, you are right. In this case disabling below option should do it:
  4. Hola, Flood, Thanks for your report, we will investigate and let you know the outcomes. Have an awesome day.
  5. Hi Flood, your Frensh is outstdanding. 😀 Thanks for the steps, I reproduced on my end as well. Reported to the corresponding team. Will provide an update when it is fixed.
  6. any further interference with the internet connection would have been very unpopular. yeah, know what you mean, my kids start making noise when something happens with the Internet connection. 😀 It seems to have been some sort of glitch. It is hard to make any comments on the origins of this issue without having the tracelogs. If you ever come accross this situation we will need to gather some additional data for further analysis. As for the router - which model have you got? Regards, Igor
  7. Hi @Jazzy, Regarding the black screen after first login. It looks like a known issue, fix is expected. Try this workaround: 1. Press ALT+CTL+DEL combination. 2. Open Task Manager - File - Run new task. 3. Type Explorer.exe and click OK. Regards, Igor
  8. Hi, TR 2021 English version will never be out. It has been given only by technical support and only in certain situations when it is necessary.
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