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  1. @FLOOD recent iOS update is currently (last 24 hours) fixing the Free / Premium issue.
  2. @FLOOD FYI - new update on IOS available. currently looking good. While their support passed my ticket on to DEV Team for verification… let’s see.
  3. @Berny thanks for flagging, was updated last night / this morning with the last auto update :) lets hope it resolves the issues.
  4. @FLOOD many thanks for flagging this to me - just wished they’s also advice their support staff internally ;)
  5. @Danila T. thanks for sharing this - wish your staff could've advised me on an identified bug, which it felt like. Kindly and pls advice your support staff, to refer to this upcoming update, rather than advising to update un unpublished version… this is tiring, dealing with the 1st level support, and diminishing their credibility with novice, paying users.
  6. Similar / Same issue appearing suddenly since last week. ticket opened, but slow/ little helpful response! iOS - currently latest version installed. - but 1st level support referring to update, which is currently not given on the App Store! (Annoying recommendation) After re-install of the same and latest App STore version, and several sync attempts the status - status is slowly reloaded every single time, with first time message , asking for an upgrade! While supposely being on the FREE version. (still 180 days left!) Again, the reolsution worked temp - it is back to FREE Status and not properly updating from the server,, the premium level. Also in addtional despite the correct status synced, when creating a new account and password into the list, the upgrade screen would always appear all began sometime last week (2020-03-12) When (what date) did the premium subscription msg first display? approc. 2020-03-12 How did/does the premium subscription msg display - immediately after sign on, every hour, (when) x action is selected, once a day? → At beginning the IOS Apop Status level is FREE .-/ In the 24hrs preceeding the msg first appearing, were there any hardware, software, network, environmental changes, anything at all ? NONE Is your computer and the MyKaspersky account Devices, synced? Yes, but has random sync issues as well (network error) - which is often resolved by rebooting my Mac. Have you disconnected and resynced the Device? Yes. even deleted teh IOS App and newly installed it. What “Notification” settings are configured? Have you raised the issue with Kaspersky Technical Support? yes, INC000011361699
  7. Same Issue here - was referred to an App Update for my IOS version, funny enought, I provided the release version, which is currently the latest available version. Kaspersky, please, get your support up to speed and quality level - dont suggest things, based on provided information which wont help and waste (Premium PAYING) users’ time! It feels more like a server sided issue - or an issue where the last synced premium status is failing to be saved in the Applications local setting. Perhaps, consider separet trial code vs paid verison, to avoid such nonsense issues for paying users…
  8. Can confirm this as a paying customer… Continuously having sync issues with KPM Password Manager… (just as one example). Support on 1st level keeps you busy with querying information, no feedback, referring to updates that are not yet available - and perhaps update solves it or not - often you wind up logging similar issue over again, when a new update has not resolved… very time consuming, for me as a paying user, who feels more like a UA-Test User.. while paying for their services.
  9. @FLOOD Thanks for sharing. Support shared with me, that it is on the List for evaluation and may easily take up to a year, if it is being added for development.. Let’s see if this hits it prior my renewal date this summer.. Export - probably means, they export it and import it into their solution - or simply just copy / pasted it from their Windows based solution…. :-/ Hoping they will catch up - and have ti available to us sooner than later.
  10. Fully Agree - as I do not have access to a Windows based system, also not intending to buy one. Kaspersky kindly deliver a complete product, if you do offer a Max version for which you do charge us the same price. Thanks!
  11. Same here with MacOS. I only see an IMPORT Feature. @Fogpuppy how was your solution on this with thew Mac PWD export from Kaspersky?
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