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  1. @Wesly.Zhang @richbuff thanks a lot for your replies ,i figured it out KIS has nothing to do with my problem it was a known problem in windows,i upgraded to kis20 again and everything is great,thanks for your concern. if anyone has the same problem just follow this link: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-performance/windows-8-keeps-slows-down-to-100-disk-usage-and/cd787f8d-e7b4-4872-aecb-6f0cd15ad942 good luck everyone
  2. hello everyone i have a problem with KIS 20 ,previously i had the graphics driver problem (with nividia) so i installed the KIS 19 instead and everything was great afterward i update the program to KIS 20 update (i) and the driver issue was resolved but new problem emerged the disk always 100% (i saw it in task manager) my laptop become very slow and freezes so i had to uninstall it and reinstall the KIS 19 and everything is great ,now i just want to know if there is anyone facing this issue with KIS 20 or it is just me??is there any fix?? my laptop specs AsusN550jv(corei7,12gb ram,750m nivida) thanks in advance
  3. Hello @Dr.TSN, You’re very welcome! Thank you for replying🙏 I’m so happy to hear your patches are now up to date🤸 According to @Friend, ✅ patch h has the fix✅ Patch d was supposed to fix ithe problem, d got pushed early as an emergency patch, so the fix got rolled to e, which also didn’t work, then f, g, were supposed to be the fixes, neither of those patches fixed the issue for everybody, so now, apparently, it’s patch h🤔 Atm there's not eta for patch h, apparently some people have it, many of us do not. Kaspersky staggers patch distribution, meaning, when a patch is released it’s not available to all Kaspersky users, across the globe, on the same day. If computers, devices are not shutdown, rebooted on a regular basis a "patch in waiting" will not be applied. Hibernation, Sleep mode can interfere with patch updates. 🤔 (imo), IF, after patch h, ❎the issue remains❎ , log a case with Kaspersky Technical Suppor, they will need a new GSI& Windows Logs, detailed history & images? Please let us know the outcome? Thank you🙏 @FLOOD i just want to thank you for your help,the problem has been solved with the (i) update and everything is good as usual.
  4. @FLOOD thanks a lot for your responses , i did everything you said, the error message still appears although my total security became patch g.
  5. @FLOOD thanks for your reply my trial ends in 29 days as indicated in the previous pic,i don’t have software compatibility issues ,my laptop is using windows shutdown and here is my GSI
  6. @FLOOD the update are automatically i am still on patch e though,also i am on free trial i don’t know if this is the cause i didnot recieve the update,i am waiting for the problem fix so i can purchase it safely(i have been using kaspersky since 2011 and this the first time i have problem with it hope they fix it soon) this is the update settings i don’t know if i should modify something??
  7. same here guys Win 8,Total security 2020 patch e, the only way that works for me is disabling my nividia card i hope patch h come soon
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