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  1. My problem has been fixed.
    KIS, bases 08/09/2022 12/20, Win 10 (21H2 19044.1889)
    1. Removed AI Suite 3 (3.00.55) using UninstallAI3Tool_1.00.04. As before, it refused to re-install.
    2. I tried to install Armory Crate - installed and saw all the devices.
    3. After Armory Crate got up and AI Suite 3 (3.00.55).

    Perhaps there was a lack of some library or something .....

  2. Good afternoon. I will add.

    KIS and AI Suite 3 (3.00.55) worked fine on Windows 10 Pro (21H2/19044.1766) for about 4 days. Then he delivered Office 2016 and after updating it - AI Suite 3 crashed with the above errors. Even after uninstalling it with the Uninstall AI3 Tool (1.00.04), it is not re-installed until KIS is removed from the system.

    Further, Armory Crate does not see checkmate. fee before removing KIS from the system. What was written above.

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