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  1. My problem has been fixed. KIS, bases 08/09/2022 12/20, Win 10 (21H2 19044.1889) 1. Removed AI Suite 3 (3.00.55) using UninstallAI3Tool_1.00.04. As before, it refused to re-install. 2. I tried to install Armory Crate - installed and saw all the devices. 3. After Armory Crate got up and AI Suite 3 (3.00.55). Perhaps there was a lack of some library or something .....
  2. The problem is relevant for AI Suite 3 (3.00.55). KIS, bases 09.08.2022 20.12
  3. The problem is back! Had this problem in June. (posted in this thread - ASUS's program cannot load when KIS latest database update) Problem was solved, didn't think it would come back again.
  4. Thank you. Everything is working. Hope this problem doesn't happen again.
  5. Good afternoon. I will add. KIS and AI Suite 3 (3.00.55) worked fine on Windows 10 Pro (21H2/19044.1766) for about 4 days. Then he delivered Office 2016 and after updating it - AI Suite 3 crashed with the above errors. Even after uninstalling it with the Uninstall AI3 Tool (1.00.04), it is not re-installed until KIS is removed from the system. Further, Armory Crate does not see checkmate. fee before removing KIS from the system. What was written above.
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