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  1. I went to Best Buy and they fixed it! They butchered Roboform but that was easy to restore. Safe Mode was a good idea and I should have tried it. I switched to [another Antivirus] , and Outlook displays multiple progress bars when downloading email.
  2. The previous antivirus was Mcafee. This malware was there before I installed Kaspersky. The problem with Mcafee that I had was I couldn’t surf through mobygames.com cleanly. I’ll take the computer into Best Buy and maybe they can do something.
  3. No, I can’t install it again, nor can I uninstall it.
  4. What is a KIS report? That’s the information requested that I do not know.
  5. I have discovered that my password which allows Kaspersky to operate does not provide access to submit a request to Kaspersky technical support. I have generated a log file using the report generated which I am uploading.
  6. The message says that I need to change the Touchpad driver to a PS/2 compatible mouse driver. I do not know how to do this.
  7. I made some progress. I changed the compatibility mode of Uninstap.exe to Windows 8, and now I get a different error message that I am uploading. I am using Greenshot to make the capture and save as a file. It has been far too long since it has been installed for there to have a KIS report.
  8. This malware got installed on my computer when I installed some cheap antivirus that I have since removed. It is located at C:\Program Files\Appoint2k. There is a file for uinstalling the software, Uninstap.exe. The problem is that when I run it I get a message informing me that it is not compatible with this version of Windows. This malware is highly subversive. I am hoping that the awesome power of Kaspersky can be brought to bear on it with an update. I will try computer repair, but what can they really do?
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