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  1. I have check this. Since several days, like the last Update of Google chrome to the latest Version, i get this error, too! Error: Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received. I got this Error on every Sites, which you visit! And the Counter doesn't stop. I have check this and find following: 1.) Google says, this will happen, because Google Crhome does not allow Croos-Origin. I have reinstall, check PCs and so... but 2.) Only what will help, is to uninstall the extension "Kaspersky Protection". 3.) You have to check this. Uninstall the Extension: Everything fine again! (Only - no protection...) 4.) So, I think, the Developer-Area has to check this... maybe together with google, because i find every days, more and more People, who got this error. And, not forgot: Noteverybody looks in the console or knows what is "Console" in Crhome... At Last: Only in Google - Chrome - this happen and only after the last Version ( Since Version: 99 / 100...) @ the moment: Deinstall the Extension: "kaspersky Protection" --> No Problem.
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