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  1. Dear Sir, Sorry buddy, based on my understanding of kaspersky. If the file is determined to be a threat object, only the object name "Kaspersky Determination Object Threat Name" can be added to the trust exclusion. However, if it is determined that the UDS & PDM configuration does not take effect. Can only be viewed by technical support analysts. PS: Trust application environment variables cannot contain spaces There is an error in your list. "autopico.exe" Object name is entered according to the actual The path can accept to enter the execution name directly
  2. During the test Encountered an attachment error message What information should I provide?
  3. This is impossible If kavremover can be executed remotely, it will cause considerable security risks. After all, this is a public application.
  4. Safe mode run kavremover select installed kes version Change to the drop-down menu, you can choose KES to execute all items once. Then reboot and install again Most of the cases have been installed before the KES product upgrade or removal is not removed completely Filter driver cannot be installed If the execution is still the same, it will not be installed. Please open the case. kavremover : http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/ConsumerUtilities/kavremvr.exe
  5. 有關ksos啟動碼啟用的限制有沒有相對應的說明? 例如:ksos5的啟動碼能否啟用6?; Ksos6的啟動碼是否啟用5?
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