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  1. Hi all, I manually installed End point AV onto 70 PCs, I then wanted to check how many licenses I've used as I wasn't keeping track. so I installed the "security Centre 13.2", made sure my PCs was listed in managed devices, which now show how many licenses are used. But now its taken over all my PCs, I cant uninstall AV, I cant modify which applications are allowed to run, e.g. Trust Ring Central Phone app, etc. I've been into Managed Devices > Policies > Properties > unticked every pad lock I can find. but still wont give me access back to the PCs. I've tried to log into the corporate portal to raise a support ticket, but get "wrong password" even thou I know its right. reset password and nothing comes to my mail box. So I'm stuck. Any help on how to release my PCs to manage them would be great! help!! Many thanks Dave
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