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  1. Makes sense. Related to this, I would like to know, does Kaspersky’s “Email Anti-virus” (when enabled, of course”, scan emails in the Windows 10 Mail app, or I need a client like Outlook or Thinderbird?
  2. This suggestion “in progress” was never added https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/354416-adding-an-email-signature-feature-in-progress/ Or is it in the Outlook Plugin?
  3. @FLOOD I’ve found the portuguese version, you have to download it from the “my kaspersky” portal. It will download in the language you have selected at the top of the page.
  4. Opera GX is new, more people will use it now. Even the Edge on that table is the old Edge, How many people use it doesn’t change the fact that it’s chromium… and should be supported. The original Opera is an old known browser. My guess is after main Opera is supported, GX would be too.
  5. Because most of people use Google chrome and Firefox. That’s no excuse, few people use Firefox. Opera is chromium, just like Chrome and Edge, should be almost the same and very simple to ad support. Also, what is Yandex? Never heard of it, but still, Opera doesn’t get support due to not being “famous” enough? 😅 Makes no sense.
  6. To much of a hassle for something that should be supported. The question is, why isn’t it? I’ve seen threads complaining about Kaspersky and Opera going years back.
  7. @FLOOD If I change the program file to name to chrome.exe, what will happen when the browser updates itself? Will it cause errors or will it update normally?
  8. Opera GX is a new browser that is gaining more popularity among gamers. But it’s not supported by Kaspersky, not only the extensions, but also the secure network icon on all search results doesn’t appear. How hard is it to support yet another chromium browser? Can’t be all that different… I’m just curious if people who like both will use another browser or another antivirus...
  9. I get this too, it’s your OenDrive, GoogleDrive, or other similar cloud storage. It’s normal, Kaspersky will skip the files that are on the cloud and not actually on your hard drive.
  10. That explains the paid Security Cloud, still, even in the paid version, almost everything is a separate app, the QR scanner, the virus protection, password manager, battery life.., IIs there something that Security Cloud actually does by itself? It’s not personal choice, I’m just asking, because I can’t find actual information about the free version.
  11. I’ve noticed that Security Cloud for Android doesn’t include Antivirus. When installing Security Cloud, you still have to download Internet Security (Antivirus & Anti-theft) separately. You have to keep both apps running and draining battery, why? It’s not like on PC where Security Cloud replaces the Antivirus. Also on android, I’ve found that there isn’t anything worth having on the free version of Security Cloud, everything useful is in the Antivirus app. So, what’s the deal with Security Cloud for android?
  12. That link is to any Kaspersky Total Security trial, not Security Cloud, it’s actually correct, because that’s the general Kaspersky PT website, not Security Clouds.
  13. Hi. When downloading Security Cloud Free, I’ve noticed that when selecting The European Union, it comes only in English. And it says: “If you are in the territory of the European Union (EU) and/or plan to use the software in the territory of the EU, then you must select the “The European Union” from the drop-down menu in order to download the software intended for use in the EU. This will ensure you download the software compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).” If I want “portuguese”, I would had to download the version from Brasil’s website, but then it wouldn’t be for the European Union. Portugal’s website only shows Security Cloud to buy, no free version: https://www.kaspersky.pt/ Is there an actual portuguese version (EU) of Security Cloud Free?
  14. Still not clarifying, weekends have two days, which one is it? Or is it both?
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