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  1. @Berny Hello, I would like to ask what I should do if my country is not on the regions list? I’m from the Philippines.
  2. @Berny Both of them have 285 mb in size and 287 size on disk There’s no error on my drive. And I have 87 gb of free space on my C drive (where Kaspersky is installed)
  3. I recently installed Kaspersky yesterday on the 12th to try it out. Later that day, my laptop begins to lag and frequently disconnects from our Wi-Fi network. This has ever happened prior to installing Kaspersky. So, I decided that the extra security is not worth it if my laptop becomes unusable. I tried to uninstall it but it got stuck at the start of phase 2 of the uninstallation where it says it needs to disable or remove some utilities (or something). I left if loading for about an hour but it still did not budge. So, I thought that I need to restart the uninstallation process and cancelled the wizard. It prompted me that it will corrupt the program but I thought of it as irrelevant since I am uninstalling it anyway and that one hour of waiting and no progress seems fishy. Then, when I tried again, a message window appeared saying that “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed” and now I can’t uninstall it. This is the dreaded message promptOf course, I wont be posting here if I already found the solution for this problem. I’ve checked all of the relevant forums and videos that I can find. I am aware that there is a post here on this website about the same prompt message but the forum concluded without the solution being given to this problem. I also tried using Revo-uninstaller to uninstall and force uninstall the application but it still prompts the same message. I contacted the Facebook and twitter page of Kaspersky but there is no reply. I tried going the control panel and ‘repair’ the application but it still prompts the same message. I even reinstalled the application and uninstall it but it still got stuck on the same phase 2 removing utilities and this time I even left it running with no other applications open for about 3 hours. The Kaspersky VPN uninstalls properly. But Kaspersky is still installed on my laptop. It’s still hereI now have two Kaspersky Security Cloud on my program files. But the uninstallation wizard won’t launch. Also, I already uninstalled Malwarebytes prior to installing Kaspersky, so I don’t think that this bug is because of Malwarebytes. Please, I just want someone to help me and give me answers. There are no solution or videos available online, so my best bet is to try here. I am thinking of using the Kaspersky Removal tool but I don’t want to brick my device because I need it for school work and that the website specifically states that I need to consult with a Kaspersky technical support engineer. Please, help me.
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