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  1. Thank you Vitalik93. That was helpful. Looking at the Settings of my KSC Free version - I don't see the "Smart Mode" setting at all. Is that something that's only available in the paid subscription version?
  2. Thank you Berny. You were correct. I got it going after a couple more attempts. The first few times it kept getting interrupted and stopping - I have no idea why. It just seemed very finicky. But I tried again and it worked and went through the end - took all of 26 minutes I have a couple of questions - Where does this scan (launched from the command line) pick up its settings from? It seems to be running with some default values at the moment. For example, How do I enable "iSwift"? Which files does the Rootkit Scan look at? All the objects loaded in memory? I do see that most of the files picked were Windows System, Common and Font files + Program Files that were open and running Does a Quick Scan look at all of the same objects that the Rootkit Scan does? Thank you
  3. I tried to create an equivalent batch file for the KSC (Kaspersky Security Cloud) and run it. The application starts up but doesn't seem to progress beyond 1%. Any ideas? Is there a different command for the KSC to schedule a Rootkit Scan?
  4. I think this is a very relevant and useful question. If somebody from the Kaspersky team or anyone with the know how can address this it will be very useful information for the whole community.
  5. Perfect! Thank you FLOOD. I found what I was looking for :slight_smile:
  6. I am new to the KSC. Just installed it on my computer today. My Updates are currently set to the "Automatic" mode. It's been almost 5 hours since my last update when I refreshed the database manually. When should I expect the "Automatic" update to next kick-in? Is there a predefined frequency for the Automatic Updates? If yes, what is it? Thank you.
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