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  1. The thing is, that it's already out, just that getting it is weird, complicated and unnecessary. It's mainly proven by the fact, that the regional website is all over the place with dates, one showing a sale in 2020, and another for „Kaspersky 2016“
  2. 2. I would like to think that visual information probably is easier to understand than words, but ok. 3. No I did not do any „voodoo“ to get Baltic versions, all I did was download the UK version, then using „My Kaspersky“ went to download another, which open me up to download the Baltic version and that's how I got it. 4. The patch is visible in the screenshot: (a) 5. I have tested this on another „Windows 11“ machine and same visual bug appears.
  3. I will provide screenshots of how it looks, but clearly it's facing some kind of a problem. I had it replicated.
  4. The official Global and Lithuanian websites don't have versions of „Kaspersky: Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium“„ in native languages which are not found on neither „Kaspersky.com“ or „Kaspersky.lt“ (That website hasn't been updated in a while). The „My Kaspersky“ website only shows products that you have already installed in a separate download section. I was thinking that it wasn't released, but I was wrong since: I downloaded „Kaspersky Basic“ from the UK website (which for some reason needed to be typed in the url, since Basic is not found on the website download section) Installed it, then went to „My Kaspersky“ and magically it now gave me an option to download „Kaspersky Basic with Lithuanian“ So in short: Update the website to include this, rather than going through this mess. It's unnecessary and complicated. Hope this helps for someone that was waiting for the new versions, since apparently they were already out. Right now the website latest is https:/ /www . kaspersky24 . lt/kav21/ but kav22 is available, just that the website doesn't have it for some reason.
  5. Hello, I would like to ask, when will the new versions of „Kaspersky“ be released in Lithuania? I heard that for most it was in September 2022, but haven't seen anything, and when it will be released, will it auto-update or will I need to download it manually?
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